#FreeThemAll Commutations Campaign

S&P launched campaigns in California, New York, and Illinois that demand the commutation of sentences for all criminalized survivors and the end of Life Without Parole sentencing for all incarcerated people.

Strategic Convenings

S&P organizes convenings for activists, currently/formerly incarcerated survivors, and advocates to strategize, build together, and plan for freedom. 

Letter Writing Action Center

Writing letters to criminalized survivors helps to dismantle this isolation, creating pathways for connection, collaboration, and coalition. This resource page includes, tips about principles and practices to write letters to survivors who are incarcerated, a toolkit for organizing letter writing gatherings to reach more people, addresses for incarcerated survivors, and an opportunity to submit more addresses of incarcerated survivors to add to the list.

Research & Skills Building

S&P and our partners have produced toolkits, research reports, policy analyses, and the inside/outside newsletter, Free : Survivors. Visit the S&P library to explore these resources.