#FreeThemAll Commutations Campaign

S&P launched campaigns in California, New York, and Illinois that demand the commutation of sentences for all criminalized survivors and the end of Life Without Parole sentencing for all incarcerated people.

Strategic Convenings

S&P organizes convenings for activists, currently/formerly incarcerated survivors, and advocates to strategize, build together, and plan for freedom. SAVE THE DATE for the S&P 2nd Annual National Convening: March 2, 2019.

Survivor Defense Campaign Hub

An organized collection of active and archived defense campaigns to free survivors of gendered violence. Campaigns are organized by autonomous committees throughout the U.S. Learn more about how to support active survivor defense campaigns and the history of defense campaign organizing.

Survivor Survey Project

To learn more about incarcerated survivors’ experiences and visions for freedom, California S&P, the TGI Justice Project, & California Coalition for Women Prisoners circulated surveys to hundreds of trans, gender non-conforming, and women survivors of domestic and sexual violence who are incarcerated in women’s and men’s prisons in California. Join our email list for updates about the survey findings.