Research & Policy Analysis

Punished by Design: The Criminalization of Trans & Queer Incarcerated Survivors (2022)

This report from Survived & Punished CA highlights the systemic and disproportionate criminal punishment of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence. It focuses on survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence to highlight the pipeline from surviving sexual and domestic violence to criminalization. (Link)

Defending Self-Defense: A Call to Action by Survived & Punished (2022)

This community-based, survivor-centered research report identifies key patterns in the criminalization of self-defense and recommendations to transform the conditions of criminalized survival. Decades of research confirms that the legal system systemically fails to protect survivors from domestic and sexual violence, and then punishes them when they save their own lives. This report foregrounds the insights, analyses, and recommendations of survivors who were punished for defending their lives, as well as organizers and advocates who have collaborated with criminalized survivors to secure their freedom. (Link)

Preserving Punishment Power: A grassroots abolitionist assessment of New York reforms (2020)

S&P New York’s analysis of criminal punishment system reforms passed in New York in 2019. We, like other abolitionists, are working to understand exactly what the pandemic’s immediate and long term effects are, and to continue our work under these new conditions. We hope that this abolitionist assessment of these recent reforms can serve as a durable resource for organizers considering progressive-seeming but carceral state-expanding legislation and policies that come about in their locales, both during this pandemic and beyond. (Link)

No Good Prosecutors (2020)

This zine outlines S&P NY’s analysis around prosecutors and how they criminalize and punish survivors of gender-based violence (who we will refer to as criminalized survivors). We also focus on how the Manhattan DA’s office is funded and how candidates approach the issue of funding. (Link)

“Bail Reform” & Carceral Control: A Critique of New York’s New Bail Laws (2020)

Survived & Punished NY, a grassroots, prison abolitionist organization dedicated to ending the criminalization of survivors of gender-based violence, presents an abolitionist critique of New York’s recent bail reform statute, and calls for a bolder vision of freedom and a broader scope of change. Legitimating pretrial incarceration and supervision, the bail reform statute is an example of a “reformist” reform that entrenches and will likely spawn new manifestations of the PIC. (Link)

Toolkits & Guides

Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns (2022)

Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns is an invaluable guide to grassroots defense campaigns in support of criminalized sex workers, survivors of violence and exploitation (sometimes called trafficking), people engaged in survival sex, and all those comrades in the sex trades facing violence from the carceral state. (Link)

Safety Planning and Intimate Partner Violence (2022)

This toolkit was created for those grappling with how to support survivors through intimate partner violence, with the intent of strengthening community-level responses to abuse by sharing practical skills and information for safety planning. Though it was written with prison abolitionist and activist communities in mind, it is also intended to be a useful resource for a broader range of people across varying experiences. (Link)

S&P Defense Campaign Toolkit (2017)

​#SurvivedAndPunished: Survivor Defense as Abolitionist Praxis (2017) is a collection of tools, tips, lessons and resources developed through our own experiences. It is also an effort to document and reflect on our own movement work. It is important for us to document especially because our organizing work has been led by Black women, women of color, immigrants and queer/trans people, who are so often erased from history. We hope to preserve some of these histories, build solidarity, and share hope as we continue our collective struggle. (Link)

Clemency & Parole: A Guide by Survived & Punished NY (2019)

This guides is specific to New York and designed to walk people through the options for clemency and parole that are available and explain the processes for relief. California Coalition for Women Prisoners guide also at the link. (Link)

Research Across the Walls: A Guide to Participatory Research Projects & Partnerships to Free Criminalized Survivors (2019)

This research guide aims to equip more people with tools, resources, ideas, and models to pursue urgently needed community-based research projects. We hope this guide inspires more organizers, advocates, attorneys, scholars, and survivors — especially those who are currently and formerly incarcerated — to lead research projects that will contribute to a growing body of data and information to fight for the freedom and well-being of criminalized survivors, and of all people. (Link)

Toolkit for Organizing Letterwriting Events (2019)

This toolkit is designed for anyone interested in organizing a letter writing gathering to support incarcerated survivors of violence. It will provide a concrete set of steps, lists of materials, and considerations when putting together an event, picking a date, selecting a venue, and planning for responses to your letters. (Link)

Court Watch Toolkit (2018)

Courtwatching can be a powerful tool to gather information and evidence about how legal outcomes emerge. The project can help identify patterns, policies, practices, offices, and individuals that are contributing to harm. This document gives a basic outline for how to start your own courtwatch focusing on issues of criminalization of survivors of violence or other community issues. (Link)


Newsletters & Curricula

Criminalizing Survival Curricula (2018)

Criminalizing Survival includes curriculum units and activities that can be used for political education focused on the intersections between racialized gender-based violence and criminalization. Some of the activities also address the problems of carceral feminisms and crimmigration. This resource is intended to help activists, advocates, organizers and community members to learn more about the criminalization of domestic violence survivors. (Link)

Free : Survivors: A Newsletter Project of S&P New York

Newsletters printed by prison abolitionists for, by and about incarcerated people have a long history. In the U.S., newsletters such as No More Cages and Through the Looking Glass published monthly newsletters to send to women inside prisons throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. These newsletters creatively forged a model for “inside/ outside” organizing that amplified stories and methods of connection by bridging the contact gaps between survivors inside, survivors outside, and their advocates and allies. Survived & Punished NY has joined these abolitionist formations in offering another platform of support to criminalized survivors and building a movement across the prison walls. (Link)