Guide to grassroots defense campaigns in support of criminalized sex workers, survivors of violence and exploitation, people engaged in survival sex, and all those comrades in the sex trades facing violence from the carceral state.
Toolkit to support survivors through intimate partner violence. Written with prison abolitionist and activist communities in mind, but intended to be a broadly useful resource.
Report by S&P CA highlighting the systemic and disproportionate criminal punishment of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.
Identifies key patterns in the criminalization of self-defense and recommendations to transform the conditions of criminalized survival. 
Abolitionist assessment of criminal punishment system reforms passed in New York in 2019.
A survey of survivors who are incarcerated in New York State that reveals a lack of basic safety infrastructure that led to their criminalization. Calls for reparations, including mass releases.
Outlines S&P NY’s analysis of prosecutors, how they criminalize survivors, and how the Manhattan DA’s office is funded.
An abolitionist critique of New York’s recent bail reform statute and a call for a bolder vision of freedom and a broader scope of change.
This NY-specific guide walks people through the options for clemency and parole. California Coalition for Women Prisoners guide also at the link.
This research guide aims to equip more people with tools, resources, ideas, and models to contribute to a growing body of data and information to fight for the freedom and well-being of criminalized survivors.
Guide to organizing a letter writing event to support incarcerated survivors of violence.
court watch
Outlines how to start a courtwatch and gather information and evidence focusing on criminalized survivors or other community issues.
Newsletter by S&P NY that amplifies stories and bridges the connections among and between survivors inside, survivors outside, advocates, and allies.
Curriculum units and activities that can be used for political education focused on the intersections between racialized gender-based violence and criminalization.
From Love & Protect and S&P, this collection of tools, tips, lessons and resources aims to help build grassroots survivor defense committees and participatory defense campaigns.