Survivor Solidarity

Community support — including financial support for legal defense and basic needs, and public demonstrations of support through petitions or court watches — is an act of solidarity and can make a HUGE difference for survivors who are punished by the criminal legal system. Community support is also an act of resistance to the systemic criminalization of survivors of gender violence.

Check out the opportunities below to let survivors know they are not forgotten.



Support S&P New York’s Mutual Aid Fund:

The Survived and Punished NY Mutual Aid Working Group supports incarcerated survivors of gender-based violence through sustained commissary support, care packages, visitation, and communication. We believe in giving that is voluntary, reciprocal, and not based on a deserving/not deserving paradigm. We envision a future that acknowledges the interconnectedness of people, which requires us to build structures that are life-affirming.

Support Love & Protect’s Campaign to Sustain Survivors:

Love & Protect is the Chicago affiliate for Survived & Punished. The Love & Protect Sustaining Survivors Donor Campaign provides critical monetary support to incarcerated survivors and to build an emergency fund to support survivors in Illinois who have recently been released from jail or prison. These funds will go towards basic needs such as housing, transportation, and food. We believe that supporting criminalized survivors in this way will remind them that they are not alone and not forgotten.

Nicole Addimando fundraiser

wendy howard fundraiser

maddesyn george fundraiser

Tiariyan Marr fundraiser

Ashlyn Griffin fundraiser

gabby solano fundraiser

Image by Josh MacPhee