Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015
10am PT / 1pm ET

Nov 24th is the anniversary of Marissa Alexander’s return to jail in 2014 as part of her plea deal, and around the same time in 2013, Marissa was released from prison as a result of winning her appeal.  We are so glad she’s home this holiday season and we continue to press for the immediate release of other survivors who are incarcerated or detained.

Join us on twitter to discuss supporting survivors of domestic & sexual violence who are  released from prison and detention centers. 

  • How do we create safety networks for survivors?
  • What do parents need to reconnect with their children?
  • How do we support those who are still in danger from batterers? 
  • What kind of legal and financial support do survivors need to recover from the violence of incarceration and detention?

Use #SurvivedAndPunishedMore memes HERE. Subscribe to the SurvivedAndPunished twitter list

Organized by @standwithnanhui@womenprisoners@loveprotectorg, and @freemarissanow

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