The Rasmea Defense Committee calls for a social media action on Jan 27th as they wait for a decision about Rasmea Odeh’s appeal. #Justice4Rasmea

Join the Rasmea Defense Committee for a social media campaign Wednesday, January 27, 2016, in support of Palestinian American icon, Rasmea Odeh! A decision is expected any day in Rasmea’s appeal of her unjust conviction for Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization.
Participate on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, January 27th, usingthese sample tweets, hashtags, articles, memes, and other resources. Rasmea has dedicated her life to the cause of a #FreePalestine and to Arab communities across the world, including the past 12 years in Chicago. So we must continue to dedicate our organizing to win #Justice4Rasmea.

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