PictureAfter reuniting with her son

From Asian Law Caucus:

Dear Friends & Allies,

Rajeshree Roy walked out of immigration detention a free woman just last week.  Rajeshree, a survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse, has been incarcerated for half of her life by a system that claims to protect her. Her story is far from unique – two-thirds of incarcerated women are survivors of domestic violence. What is amazing is that all of you showed up to support her. You signed the petition, donated, fasted with Rajeshree and the hunger strikers, and supported her through writing and visiting. This campaign brought together so many different communities and illustrated our collective resiliency.  

For the first time, undocumented women in detention took part in a hunger strike with documented women in criminal custody. Formerly incarcerated people came together with undocumented youth, faith leaders, formerly incarcerated people, South Asians, and Pacific Islanders to fight for the same cause – to free Rajeshree and reunite her with her children.

None of us are free until we are all free. Prisons and immigration detention are part of the same system that must end. Recently, Governor Jerry Brown proposed a ballot measure to limit the prosecution of children as adults. The measure may have prevented Rajeshree from entering prison and the deportation system altogether.

Join us in supporting the ballot measure and opposing incarceration and deportation. Please continue to follow us for any actions and updates, and post any words you’d like to share with Rajeshree on social media along with #FreeRajeshree – we’ll share your words with her. 
In Solidarity,

Anoop Prasad
Senior Staff Attorney, Immigrant Rights Program

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