Join S&P for a week of action highlighting the cases of criminalized survivors.

On January 19, 2017, Bresha Meadows, a 15-year-old black girl who allegedly killed her abusive father to defend herself and her family, will have a hearing in which her legal team will argue for her release as she awaits a trial.  

On January 27, Marissa Alexander, a black mother and domestic violence survivor who was imprisoned for saving her own life by firing a warning shot to protect herself from her abusive husband, will finally be released from house arrest.  

From January 19-27, we will bring attention to the campaigns to free Bresha, Marissa, Tondalao Hall, Ky Peterson, Kelly Ann Savage, Rasmea Odeh, Alisha Walker, and Ny Nourn.  Our goal is to support people to take action for their freedom and engage our communities about the broader conditions that lead to the criminalization of survival.  

More info here.  Learn more about the Jan 19th #FreeBresha Day of Action.

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