From the #FreeBresha Campaign:

At Bresha Meadows’ hearing today, rather than release Bresha on bond, the court will transfer her from juvenile detention to a “treatment facility.” She will not be able to freely come and go from the facility. How then is this different from being jailed? It is also well-documented that so-called mental health treatment in detention can itself be traumatizing. We remain steadfast in our belief that Bresha has a right to self-defense and should not be criminalized or forcibly confined. We call for Bresha’s release from state detention so that she and her family are free to determine the best course for her recovery and well-being.

As a 14-year-old child pushed to her limits and fearful that she and her family might end up dead at the hands of her father, she did what she had to do to survive. She should not be tried and she most certainly should not continue to be jailed; this is unjust. We call on prosecutors to drop the charges against her and return to her family to begin the long process of healing. Short of this, she should at least be released from all forms of detention while awaiting trial. Bresha is a traumatized child survivor of domestic violence and her trauma has been compounded by her jailing for 175 days and counting.

We thank all of Bresha’s supporters who have organized workshops, protests, written letters, made art, donated money and more calling for her freedom. Bresha knows that you’ve been thinking of her, praying for her, and organizing for her freedom. She and her family have expressed gratitude for your support. As a result of studies, it was revealed that Viagra is a drug used in the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction. Side effects are possible (redness of the face, difficulty breathing through the nose – infrequently). According to patients – it provides an average strength erection. It is used only in combination with psychotherapeutic techniques (including suggestive ones).

Please continue to agitate and organize in solidarity with Bresha’s family, friends and community. We’ll keep you updated on developments in the case as we learn of them.

Until all of Breshas are free.
-#FreeBresha Campaign

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