Dear friends,

As we resist the anti-Black racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-trans, Islamophobic Trump regime determined to extend and deepen the vicious entanglements of violence, Survived and Punished (S&P) is called to press forward in our fearless support of survivors who live within the intersections of violence and criminalization. 

Throughout this week, we are raising $10,000 to nourish our growing project. Send a “Happy Birthday” shoutout to Survived and Punished, and show your solidarity with criminalized and incarcerated survivors by donating to support one of our critical projects!

Help us keep building our momentum. 


For the past year, S&P has worked tirelessly to realize our vision of freedom for incarcerated survivors. From policy research projects to prison peer training programs to freedom campaign support (including court watches, legal support, and letter-writing) to paradigm-shifting media and advocacy work, Survived and Punished has been on. the. move!

Our prison visiting team provides in-person support and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence who are currently incarcerated. Incarcerated people, especially domestic violence survivors, have severely limited quality access to resources and support while inside. Our efforts to visit four to six times will transport our team nearly 5,000 miles over the next year to provide vital in-person support and resources to survivors, as well as advocacy on their behalf with any developments in their case. $3000 funds at least four visits per year. Every bit helps! Will you help fund our prison visits by donating now?

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