THESE SURVIVORS URGENTLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and we remain committed to ending domestic violence, dismantling the prison industry, and supporting the freedom of survivors who have been criminalized. This DVAM we are connecting you to three crucial freedom campaigns for survivors of domestic and sexual violence that urgently need your support secure their freedom:

  • KY PETERSON, Georgia, is a Black transgender man incarcerated for defending himself against transphobic sexual violence. On October 28, 2011,  as Ky was walking home, a man attacked and sexually assaulted him. Ky fought back in self-defense, which ultimately led to his attacker’s death.  The police took Ky to a local medical center where he was tested with a rape kit. The nurse who performed the examination confirmed that Ky had been brutally raped; yet she felt the need to point out that Ky “didn’t act like a woman who had been raped.” Ky should have been protected under Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law, but instead he continues to be punished for defending his own life.We call upon Governor Nathan Deal and the State Board of Pardons & Paroles to pardon and release Ky Peterson now!  SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!
  • KELLY ANN SAVAGECalifornia, is an incarcerated survivor of severe domestic and sexual violence by her former husband. In 1995, Kelly tried to escape with her children but her abusive husband tragically killed her 3-year old son Justin. Despite all her efforts to survive and escape with her children, the prosecution blamed Kelly for not escaping sooner, ignoring the fact that the risk of violence is likely to escalate when survivors attempt to leave an abusive partner. The jury in Kelly’s trial was prevented from hearing testimony from an expert in domestic violence. Kelly was convicted of first-degree murder for “aiding and abetting” her abusive husband, and sentenced to Life Without Possibility of Parole. Since her conviction, Kelly has received support from domestic violence victim advocates across California who strongly support her release.With your help, Governor Jerry Brown may commute Kelly’s sentence from Life Without Parole to a parole-eligible sentence.  SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!
  • NY NOURNCaliforniawas born in a refugee camp after her mother fled the violence of genocide in Cambodia. When she was a high school junior, Ny entered into an abusive relationship with a man nearly twice her age. Her abuser murdered Ny’s boss at her after school job. When Ny finally escaped and went to police to report the abuse and murder, police arrested her and charged her with aiding and abetting murder for having failed to intervene. A judge sentenced Ny to life without parole in prison. After spending 16 years in prison, Ny was finally granted parole by Governor Brown this year, but ICE agents handcuffed her outside the prison to deport her to Cambodia. In September, a judge granted Ny protection from deportation and ruled that she could not be deported to Cambodia. Still, ICE refuses to release her and is appealing the decision.  Stop the system from inflicting endless punishment on Ny.  DONATE TO THE #FreeNy BOND FUND & TELL ICE TO FREE NY NOW!

Thank you very much for your solidarity with these survivors and your support of their freedom!

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