BACKGROUND: Tammy Garvin is an incarcerated survivor of domestic violence and sex trafficking who has been in prison for 27 years as a result of her trafficker/abuser’s lethal violence. Tammy was only 14 years old when she was trafficked, and by the time she was convicted and sentenced to Life Without Parole in her early 30s, she suffered from the long-term effects of severe psychological and sexual abuse. California S&P is organizing grassroots support to urge Governor Jerry Brown to commute Tammy Garvin’s sentence from Life Without Parole to a parole-eligible sentence.

UPDATE: The California Supreme Court (CSC) officially recommended Tammy Garvin for commutation, which means Governor Brown now has the power to commute her sentence! Tammy had to go through the extra process of getting recommended by the Supreme Court because she had priors. In March, Tammy received a recommendation from the Board of Parole Hearings, which sent her file to the CSC. It’s a long road, but another victory towards winning Tammy’s release.

Now’s the time to really amplify this petition to make sure Governor Brown sees that Tammy has strong community support. Please send this petition to friends, family & social media and urge people to sign & circulate it. We’re closer than ever so let’s do all we can to urge Governor Brown to release Tammy Garvin and end the criminalization of survivors.

*Help to free more survivors in California by visiting the CA Take Action Page.*

Thank you for your support!


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