On November 21, 2018, Tammy Garvin was commuted by Governor Jerry Brown!! We are elated that Tammy now has a chance at parole and release. Tammy is a survivor of domestic violence and sex trafficking who was sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP), and her self-advocacy and commitment to freedom led the way to securing this commutation. Thank you to the thousands of people who signed Tammy’s petition, sent her supportive cards and letters, and raised awareness about her case on social media and in your communities. We are so thankful for your solidarity; your support has been key in securing this victory.

Continuing his record number of sentence commutations, Governor Brown granted 70 commutations last week, including Tammy and other criminalized survivors. Like Kelly Savage, Ny Nourn, and thousands of incarcerated survivors in California, Tammy was punished for violence enacted by her abuser and sentenced to die in prison as a result. As sites of profound gender violence, prisons compound trauma for survivors, institutionalize sexual violence, and authorize patterns of terror and control that are common in abusive relationships. S&P remains firm in our view that to end gender violence, we must dismantle all forms of prison. #FreeThemAll from prisons, state terror, and domestic/sexual violence.

Take action today! Please help support the freedom of other survivors incarcerated in California and in New York. Support the CCWP campaign to #DropLWOP and end life without parole sentencing in California. Help raise awareness about the criminalization of survivors and survival using S&P curricula and resources.

Art above by Kate Deciccio


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