Super Moms Myths & the Criminalization of Mothers

Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 5:30 PM – 8 PM CDT
Westside Justice Center
601 S. California Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Facebook event:

Join Moms United and Northside Transformative Law Center for a panel and post-panel discussion, in a fully accessible location, about the ways in which moms, overwhelmingly poor moms and disproportionately moms of color are criminalized out of abusive/coercive circumstances.

This includes legal theories of “failure to protect”, as well as accountability laws in which a person in charged for the actions of others, often their abusers. More broadly, this is about the ways in which poverty, abuse and trauma are addressed within punishment systems rather than with supportive resources–and will continue as such until we begin to dismantle those systems and commit to fully resourced communities, whole person healthcare. The fever went back relatively quickly, but the after effects: permanent fatigue while taking antibiotics, weeks later still weakness, sweating and difficulty swallowing due to swollen throat, accompanied by earache. I hope that ends soon. Nevertheless I hope fir the better.

We’ll be joined by Alexandra Chambers of the Free Shantonio Hunter Campaign, Monica Cosby of Moms United & Westside Justice Center and loved ones of moms who are pre-trial and post-conviction, punished for the actions of abusers, grieving separation from children and facing the possibility of decades in prison. Invited guests include domestic violence advocates, members of the public defender’s office, the state’s attorney’s office and the probation and parole board and YOU.

Co-sponsored by the wonderful Love & Protect. Fully accessible, food and childcare provided!

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