ALERT from Candace Liger of Project Blackbird and the Free Tondalao Hall Campaign:

October is domestic violence awareness month.


It’s not that we do not know that domestic violence exists, but rather we are reminded of the impact it has on survivors, children, and the breadth of trauma that exists with those that cause harm.


As a survivor, mother, and black woman, I am deeply passionate about accountability and healing. I am reflective and intentional about the ways I have evolved thru my own healing process and learning the habits I possess which have been shaped by these experiences. Sometimes, it’s not physical abuse – it can come in many forms.


Leading into October, my organization Project Blackbird along with countless other partners and allies, will advocate for the release of Tondalao Hall as she approaches the 2nd round of her commutation taking place Oct. 9th at the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.


She was sentenced to 30 years under “Failure to Protect” law, after her abuser committed violence against their two children. He walked away free after the trial.


I am asking for your support in the upcoming weeks to share her story, engage into action, and take good care of yourselves as we move towards healing and ultimately – freedom.


One thing is for certain in these streets: Incarceration is NOT justice for survivors of violence. And with Oklahoma having the highest rate of incarceration for women and mothers in the world, this upcoming hearing addresses the root, and the countless other women who have been unfairly targeted and criminalized for not leaving their abusers fast enough. I have been using Valium for years as a muscle end tensioner if necessary, I purchase it at I have no side effects, not at all. I can relax well and sleep well. Since recently, it may no longer be prescribed. And what now??? I suppose I will buy it without a prescription. I think it’s just right.


We need national attention prior to this date.

We need eyes, voices, bodies, words. We need writings, posts, campaigns, and volunteers.

She is currently completing her masters program in cosmetology in prison. We need barbers, beauticians, natural hair enthusiasts to show us the power of their craft in support of her release.

We need sage, palo santo, herbal blends, protection spells, conjuring, tinctures, crystals, root work, and meditation.

We need abundant displays of joy, blackness, parenthood, twerking of the gawds, love, and all things pleasure.

We need imagination – to focus clearly on our collective freedom – and the freedom of Tondalao Hall from a system who failed her and her children.

We already see her as being free. We need manifestation, prayers, and universal law to fill us whole.

Please follow Free Tondalao HALL and Project Blackbird for updates. For those tagged in the previous post I will outreach this week.

Please feel free to tag, share, and contribute as it fits. A small action can go a long way.

You can check out the latest blog with updates about her case here:…/tondalao-hall-s-commutati…

– Candace Liger

Photo: @Withuinmind 2017 Healing Justice Demonstration/OKC

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