#SocialBridging: the abolitionist practice of building and maintaining new pathways for connection, collaboration and coalition with people inside and outside of prison during the rise of ecofascism, climate catastrophe, and increasing state violence in order to strengthen our systems of care.

Isolation is central to the persistence of domestic violence, sexual violence, and incarceration. Writing letters to criminalized survivors helps to dismantle this isolation, creating pathways for connection, collaboration, and coalition.

We need these pathways more than ever. Let’s start laying the foundation.

Write to incarcerated survivors, learn about the criminalization of survival, and build relationships with other abolitionist feminists across the walls!

Join us every other Saturday from 12 to 1 pm PT for a virtual letter writing session via Zoom. We will be hosting these sessions through spring and possibly into summer.

Please check out our Letter Writing Action page for tips and guidelines on writing letters to incarcerated survivors, names and addresses of people you can write, and more: www.survivedandpunished.org/letter-writing-action/

Registration is required to receive an invitation link via Zoom. Please register for the exact date you plan to attend.


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