Each year, the Barnard College Library recognizes two scholars with a $2,500 award to subsidize research in the Barnard Archives, Barnard Zine Library, and the Media Center. This year’s winners include the Survived and Punished NY Collective for their quarterly newsletter, Free : Survivors!  Excerpt from the award announcement below:

Since 2018, Survived & Punished NY has been developing a quarterly newsletter called Free : Survivors, which exists to end the criminalization of survivors of gender-based violence, and free those locked up in prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, psychiatric facilities, and in their own homes. In 2019, they began mailing copies of Free : Survivors directly to criminalized survivors throughout New York State and across the country. Print editions of the Free : Survivors newsletter are critical to getting art, stories and information in the hands of criminalized survivors, and print newsletters provide another avenue for criminalized survivors to connect with each other and supporters outside by building an inside/outside dialogue. They build on the legacy of past projects like No More Cages and Through The Looking Glass – cross-wall newsletters created by feminist collectives in the 1970s and 80s, pursuing a vision of a world without carceral structures. Although focusing on criminalized survivors in New York State, they know that our struggles here are intimately connected to those around the country, and beyond. The creation of the Survived & Punished NY website (survivedandpunishedny.org) allowed for Free : Survivors to start publishing issues online in 2020. Survived & Punished NY sees the The Barnard Archives’ Feminist Ephemera Collection as preserving an invaluable resource for current and future abolitionist feminist organizers. They hope to expand access to this resource to incarcerated people by retelling and reimagining the stories of criminalized survivors held within Barnard’s run of the prison newsletter No More Cages.

Learn more about the S&P NY Free : Survivors newsletter.

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