Brandy Scott is a Black trans woman and survivor of domestic violence. Please join Survived & Punished (S&P) – California and Trans, Gender-Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) as we organize support for Brandy.

Brandy was criminalized for defending herself against an abusive partner. She is serving a 22 year sentence at California Institution for Women. Although Brandy has already served her base term, she is still incarcerated due to a gun enhancement. In 2018, Brandy petitioned for commutation of her sentence. She then updated her petition under Governor Newsom. If Gov. Newsom approves her commutation, Brandy could be released and home with her community.

* We are hopeful that Brandy will be released sooner rather than later, so your donations will contribute to the reentry support she will need. Until then, funds will also help make sure that Brandy can access items she needs to purchase through commissary especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. Brandy also hopes to hire an attorney with the funds collected. *

Please join our community effort to support Brandy’s safety and freedom! Thank you for your support.

Art by Azul Quetzalli



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