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Save the date for Thur, May 20th for the #FreeArlene and #FreeAllSurvivors Day of action organized by Survived & Punished CA: TOOLKIT

Arlene Dugmore is a long-term survivor of severe domestic violence who has served 18 years of an extreme sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole. Though another person killed Arlene’s abusive husband in response to the violence, Arlene was held criminally responsible for his death. Since she was 17 years old, Arlene has been forced to navigate ongoing traumatic violence because of a lack of options for safe housing for herself and her daughter and being trapped without transportation and without support.  The one time she built up enough courage to call the police, they provided no assistance, but simply handed her a business card.

Please join us on May 20th in urging Governor Newsom to grant immediate release for Arlene Dugmore through commutation. Check out the organizing toolkit and find us on twitter!

The Free Ashley Now team is hosting a fundraiser and letter writing event for Ky Peterson next Wednesday May 19th at 7pm EST (more details at
Since S&P supported Ky’s freedom campaign in the past, we were wondering if you would be interested in supporting our event? Support could like like:
  • Co-hosting the event (someone attending the event?)
  • Sending an email to your listserv
  • Posting on your socials
  • Donating to Ky
  • Hosting your own event for/with Ky





Assia Serrano is a Panamanian immigrant survivor of manipulation and abuse. After spending 15 years incarcerated for actions she took as a young person under the coercive influence of her abuser — her then-partner, a man 20 years older than her — Assia’s sentence was shortened under the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act. But instead of being released to reunite with her family in the U.S. (including her two children), New York State handed her directly over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She is now incarcerated by ICE at Rensselaer County Jail.

Please take action by (1) demanding that ICE #FreeAssia so she can reunite with her family, and (2) demanding that Governor Cuomo grant Assia’s pardon application, free all criminalized survivors, and support passing the NY4ALL Act which would have prevented NY from handing Assia off to ICE.

For more updates on the fight to #FreeAssia and how you can take action to support, follow Survived & Punished New York on Twitter @SurvivePunishNY.


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