Update from the #FreeGabby team:

Thank you to all who supported the call for Gabriela Solano’s commutation. Your support was key in helping Gabby secure a commutation, which allowed her release from prison. However,  we are enraged and heartbroken to report that Governor Newsom failed to pardon Gabby, which meant that as soon as she was released from prison, she was was picked up by ICE and re-imprisoned in two ICE detention centers. Gabby was brought to the United States from Mexico when she was just 2 years old. Gabby and the #FreeGabby team fought hard to get her released from these additional prisons, but the violence in ICE detention is brutal so she suspended her legal fight and will be deported to Mexico.

Please take action to keep fighting for Gabby:

1. Contribute to Gabby’s Survival Fund to help her rebuild her life after her deportation to Mexico.
Venmo: survivedandpunished
Paypal: paypal.me/stacysuh

2. If you are in California, call your representatives and urge them to support the Vision Act (AB 937) (instructions at the link). The VISION Act would ensure that immigrants like Gabby who are deemed eligible for release from state prison or local jail would not be turned over to ICE detention and instead would be able to reunite with their family and community.

Gabby and her family send deep gratitude for your support and urge everyone to keep fighting to #StopICETransfers so no one else has to experience the pain Gabby and her loved ones endured.

#FreeGabby #FreeAllSurvivors #SurvivedAndPunished

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