From S&P NY:

URGENT: Our inside members at Bedford prison need your urgent support!

Survived and Punished New York is once again uplifting the demands from our incarcerated comrades, who have alerted us that there are two inhumane public health crises simultaneously occurring in NY Bedford and Taconic prisons:

Lack of Access to Clean Water: As of September 1st, we have also heard several extremely concerning reports from comrades inside of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and Taconic Correctional Facility who are without safe drinking water. Our comrades say the water is cloudy, mold smelling and tasting, putrid, etc. People who have consumed the water have gotten extremely sick and are NOT being given proper medical care, the facilities are also NOT providing bottled water. The prisons aren’t giving people water; people’s family and friends are trying to send water, but because of the rules a lot of people can’t even get it. This is part of the inherent violence of prisons and why abolition is the only way.

Unmitigated COVID Delta Spread: Delta variant has spread inside Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Our comrades have raised concerns about officers refusing to be vaccinated and refusing to wear masks while inside the prison. They have shared that an officer has spread the Delta variant to several incarcerated people, including a woman who is six months pregnant. At least one fully vaccinated person has tested positive for COVID, and others are facing punishment for protecting themselves by using N95 masks, our comrade Joy Powell among them.

We need your help to pressure decision-makers to resolve these issues. Everything you need to help us can be found here:

Media Coverage, Sep 14: Women in New York prisons complain of contaminated water after Hurricane Ida

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