An update from the family of Ashlyn Griffin, a domestic violence survivor in Georgia who was prosecuted for defending her life:

FEBRUARY / MARCH 2022: Ashlyn’s trial began on February 14, 2022. During the trial, the prosecution repeatedly victim shamed Ashlyn for staying in an abusive relationship. It was truly disgusting to watch. After all the testimony was completed, the jury was confused about many of the charges and asked the judge for clarification on numerous occasions. However, they were mainly told to rely on their memories. As a result of the confusion, the jury found Ashlyn:
Not guilty of Felony Murder
Not guilty of Manslaughter
Not Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter
Guilty of Aggravated Assault
Guilty of Firearm Possession During Commission of a Felony


To clarify, Ashlyn exercised her 2nd Amendment right and LEGALLY purchased a gun for protection due to a string of burglaries and home invasions at her apartment complex. She had every right to defend her life just as any other American would.


Nevertheless, shortly after the verdict, an alternate juror contacted the judge about the troubling conversations that took place during jury deliberations. Still, he sentenced Ashlyn to 15 years in prison. She should have walked out of that courthouse as a free woman!


Ironically, the same District Attorney’s office that put Ashlyn in prison is the same district attorney’s office that prosecuted and sent her boyfriend to prison for 2 years for his violent attack on her while she was pregnant.


At this point, Ashlyn needs an appellate lawyer to read the trial transcript for any errors the judge might have made. She is currently in Bulloch County jail and her two daughters are with Ashlyn’s mother.


We really need your help, support, and prayers at this time. Anything you can do–whether offering expert services for Ashlyn’s future appeal, or financial donations, sharing this case with others, or increasing the visibility of this case with news articles or TV segments, is greatly appreciated.


To those of you who have already prayed, donated and/or shared this page, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help. We appreciate it so much.

Please support Ashlyn Griffin’s legal defense fund to help her appeal this unjust case!

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