Wendy Howard and her daughters were physically, sexually, and verbally abused for almost two decades. In 2019, their abuser attacked Wendy on her property, forcing her to defend herself and her family.

Wendy was charged by the Kern County District Attorney with first-degree murder, and an additional gun enhancement because she defended herself and her children from her abuser. Her trial is currently scheduled for August 29, 2022. The maximum sentence that Wendy could receive, if she is convicted, is 50 years to life.

Wendy is currently out on a $500,000 bail and is facing tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. She has an upcoming trial and needs your support to fight these unjust charges!

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More info about the #JusticeForWendy campaign

Wendy Howard was also a key contributor to the Survived & Punished Defending Self-Defense research report as a member of the initiative’s Survivor Advisory Council. Please support her fight for freedom!

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